Tyme Wear measures your Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds to get your ideal training paces, and deliver workouts proven to get you running faster and longer.

Get our Threshold Testing and Training Guide where we break down the latest in research on what your Thresholds are, how they’re used in training and why improving them improves your speed and endurance.

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Tyme Wear Tempo

A smart shirt and app for runners to identify ideal training paces, individualize workouts, and track improvement.



User Testimonial

Knowing my threshold has improved how I train. My recovery runs are easier, and my hard workouts are higher quality.
— Jim, Beta User. Improved threshold 15% in 10 weeks
Co-Founders, Juan & Arnar. Learn about our story.

Co-Founders, Juan & Arnar. Learn about our story.