Men's Tank Starter Kit Pre-Order

Men's Tank Starter Kit Pre-Order


Starter kit includes 1 Tyme Wear Smart Garment, 1 Capsule and free Tyme App download.

Our smart clothing helps you gain insight into your body and learn how to use your breathing to its fullest potential. They combine high-performance textiles with seamlessly integrated technology in a comfortable, form-fitting tank top.

  • Patented soft sensors integrated with cutting edge sew-free bonding

  • The fabric is an Italian premium performance textile with a soft and supple hand feel

  • The garments have excellent shape retention

  • Low-profile performance stitching ensures durability and comfort

  • 100% machine washable

  • 74% Polyamide, 26% Elastane

  • Two-way stretch

  • Breathable & Quick Dry


Capsule: The super-thin and lightweight brains of the system. It connects to the Smart Shirt to gather, analyze and send the data to the app.

  • 7 mm thickness and 1 oz weight ensures comfort

  • 24 hour battery life

  • 24 hours of data storage

  • 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer

  • ARM microprocessor

  • Low-Energy Bluetooth (BLE)

  • Rechargeable

Smart Shirts and Tyme Capsule expected to ship Summer 2017

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