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About Tyme and the Pilot

We’re developing smart athletic clothing - completely machine washable - that measures our bodies signals and gives individualized feedback for training and treatment.

We've benchmarked our data against performance lab equipment and can determine anaerobic threshold (AT) as accurately as a metabolic cart (face mask lab equipment that measures VO2/VCO2). 

Now we're planning a pilot to collect more data and get your feedback. The focus is on endurance athletes who run, bike, and row.

What we'll be testing

The product feature that will be tested is having pilot users conduct VO2max protocols on their own wearing the garment. Runners will use a treadmill, cyclists will use an exercise bike or bike stand with power meter, rowers will use an erg. The data will be used to provide individualized heart rate training zones and pace zones for running, and wattage output zones for cycling and rowing.

Important Dates

Baseline testing: Meet us once in July/August to do a VO2max test
Start date: Early August. Our pilot units will be coming hot off the production line.
End date: November

Pre-reqs for being a tester

  • Have an iPhone 5 or better
  • Goes out consistently every week
  • Be within driving distance of Boston (1-2 hours)

July-August: Before you get a garment

  • Meet with us to do a threshold test to get your baseline data
  • Get your measurements taken for shirt size

August-November: Pilot Testing

  • 1-2 per month, do a ~30 minute threshold test on a treadmill (runners), stationary bike or power station (cyclists), erg (rowers). We'll provide you with a protocol. 
  • Wear the garment as often as you can when training. You'll only have 1 garment so depending on the frequency of your training its understandable if it didnt get washed and you skip wearing it once or twice.
  • You'll be given access to view your data and results through a website
  • Give us structured feedback in the form of a journal, interviews and surveys

We're aiming for 20 runners, 5 cyclists, 5 rowers for this first bout of testing. The more influencers we can get in this group the better!

Tyme Technology: Under the hood

Tyme assesses the wearers anaerobic threshold (AT) as accurately as in the lab. By providing continuous measurement and real-time feedback of the wearers AT, during training, gives the athlete precise knowledge to set pace, duration and intensity to optimize their improvement.


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