We founded Tyme Wear because we’re passionate about our bodies’ untapped potential. Our first product, the Tyme Wear Tempo, helps us train smarter by knowing our endurance capacity and guiding us to train to it. This makes progress easier to obtain, more trackable, and reduces the risk of injury.

We are athletes, engineers, and designers. We’ve worked in performance labs, developing prosthetics for amputees and next generation exoskeletons for the US Military. We’ve designed, built, and launched numerous IoT and connected home products. Our past experiences have taught us that the body worn technology currently on the market doesn't come close to delivering the user value that's possible.

So we set out to create it. Using the emerging technology of soft sensing we have developed a product that delivers performance lab insights with medical grade accuracy and is as comfortable and user friendly as a normal exercise shirt.

We bootstrapped the development of the hardware and software, and after hundreds of iterations and user tests, we have a final product that is ready to be launched.

This April, we’ll go live and bring the Tempo to athletes around the world.

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Arnar and Juan

We learn a lot from our users!

We learn a lot from our users!