Better Breathing

Increased focus, endurance and technique

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Clothing that gives you feedback on breathing patterns and posture

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Understand and improve your breathing during yogaworkoutsdaily and professional life

We breathe 20,000 times a day


85% of calories

Breathing is our body’s fuel.  85% of our calories leave our body through breathing. It is how we relax our minds and how we get amped up to take on a challenge.


Focus, Endurance, Recovery, Sleep

By being aware of, and improving our breathing patterns, we can improve focus, increase endurance and recovery during exercise, improve sleep, lower stress and blood pressure, and improve our metabolism.


Relaxation Response

Breathing is one of the few bodily functions we can control that directly affects how our body functions. Learn to use breathing patterns to invoke the relaxation response to calm down and lower your blood pressure.


Our clothing helps you improve
breathing technique



We’ve developed a new way to sense breathing from the movement of your chest and abdomen. Assess your breathing patterns and learn new techniques, or know how much you’re holding your breath.

How it works

Materials | Quick dry and light weight fabrics that moderate your body temperature

Washing | Treat it just like any other garment - wear it and wash it

Wireless | Connect to your phone via Bluetooth

User Interface | Use your phone to see your data and get feedback

Learn | Learn about your body and get coached on new exercises and techniques

Sensors are comfortable and robust

Seamlessly integrated | Machine Washable | Comfortable | Robust